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08 April 2012 @ 05:54 pm
Who Doesn't Love a Gay Stu?  
Sorry about the wait!

Well, I guess this mixes things up a little. *shrugs*

Story Title: But To Me You Were Perfect
Culprit Author's Name: WiltedLily

Full Names (plus titles if any): Daniel Pierce
Full Species: Human!Stu
Hair Color (include adjectives): Not noted
Eye Color (include adjectives): Not noted
Ghost Form (include adjectives): N/A
Unusual Markings/Colorations: OMG!! It's not noted.
Special Possessions (if any): A family that exactly like Danny's. *sighs*

Annoying Origin: Insert joke here.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Seems to get a thing for Danny right away.
Annoying Special Abilities: ...
Other Annoying Traits: Is shy. *gags*

A small sample of the best worst this story has to offer:

I looked over at my parents, slightly surprised. Are they kidding? I asked myself. I wonder what he's thinking about. This couldn't possibly start the same as every other suefic!

"You're joking." I said out loud. They shook their heads. "But why?" Still no sign. I might have hope.

"We need to continue our research, and you've seen the news. It's quite obvious that place will help." My father declared. I sighed. They were right. That place would most definitely benefit their research. And my hope is gone.  He's moving to Amity Park. *sighs* Let's finish traversing this crap pile, shall we?

"But I grew up here…" I muttered softly. Because that argument helps?

"We know." My mother said as she put her hand on mine. "But we know you'll love it there. You've seen the pictures. And the education system is quite extraordinary." How? Looks like any other school to me. Except for the ghosts, and they make it more dangerous! What the hell, lady! I sighed again. I didn't have much of a say in this. We would be moving whether I wanted to or not. Well, yeah. Cause you're just usual selfish brat that the generic parents have to bring along.

"Fine." I muttered after almost 5 minutes. Did he just stand there for five minutes, staring into space?! I'll bet his dumbass NPC parents just watched the whole time, too! My god Wheatley! "I'll at least try."

"Oh thank you!" My mother exclaimed hugging me tightly. I smiled slightly. I loved making her happy. Even though there were very few times I had ever seen a frown upon her face. Okay?

Just then the screen flashed to an all too familiar face. Wait, what? The screen? What screen? Are they watching TV? WTF??!!

"Hey! It's him!" My brother shouted happily. He was 2 years older than I was, and entirely into my parents obsession. It wouldn't be long before he was as obsessed as them. I, on the other hand, was completely embarrassed by it, and sometimes wished they would just give it up. But it made them happy, and how could I possibly take away the only thing that made them happy? Um, I'm pretty sure that even if you started a protest, they would continue. Because they're parents! Pompous brat, thanking he can change anything.

"So." I asked. "When do we leave?" They all smiled and hugged me again. Sounds... creepily happy. Ugh, get it away!

I stepped out of the van to find myself in front a huge house.

"Is this where we're living?" I asked. "No, we just stopped here to stare at it. Get a good look, because we're living in that one-room hut a mile away." My father nodded.

"Yup. And look." He pointed down the road. Just a few houses down was a house, about the same size as ours, with a giant sign that read "Fenton Works". Just great. I thought. We live a few houses away from more ghost hunters… I would've never guessed. At least I'm close enough to get laid often!

The Fenton's were actually the reasons we moved here. STALKERS! The amount of research they had done on ghosts, would positively influence my own parents research. You could've just read a science journal or something. Go find your own ghost infested city!

And then there was the infamous ghost boy, Danny Phantom. As always.

God Wheatley he was all over the news, and all my parents could talk about. Despite the fact that he was considered a hero, there were still people after him. People like the Fenton's. That is possesive! IMPROPER USAGE! *pulls out bazooka and laughs evilly*  They've been after him for over a year now. Unsurprisingly, they haven't come close to catching them. It's not like your family could do any better!

Despite the Fenton's being ghost hunters, they weren't very good. They were quite infamous around here for their horrid screw ups. :(

"Hello?" I blinked and realized my brother was waving his hand in front of my face. "Earth to bro." I smiled.

"Sorry Johnny." I muttered. "Zoned out." He gave me a look that said 'clearly' and shoved a box into my arms.

"Come help me get this shit down to the lab." I nodded and followed him into our new home. Like, OMG! This fic is so hardcore, because the characters cuss! That makes it good, right?

The next day I walked into Casper High behind my parents and brother. I kept my head down as people pointed and laughed. Um, why? Are you dressed up like Barney or something? This is so embarrassing. I looked up just as we passed a group of kids. In the short time I looked at them I could see sympathy in their eyes. Again, why! I stopped as I met a pair of the brightest blue eyes of I've ever seen. He smiled slightly. Because he knew what was coming, and wanted to look at the bright side of his situation. At least Vlad had taught him how to deal with guys.

"Daniel?" I heard my mothers voice say. And that should be possesive. Don't you remember what I did to you last time? *gestures to bazooka* I looked over to see my family had stopped and were looking slightly annoyed. "Stop being gay." Dad said.

"Sorry." I muttered putting my head down again and rushing over to them. Just as we were about to walk into the office I heard a voice.

"He has the same name as you, Danny." Like, OMG! I've like, nevar seen dat before!

"I know just the students to show your children around." The man known as Mr. Lancer said smiling at me. The man known as Mr. Lancer? That's just... great... I gulped slightly. I could tell he didn't like me much. Thus, he smiles. And why wouldn't he like you?! He doesn't know you! He walked over to the door, opened it and stood there, waiting.

After a minute he waved his arm and in walked two students. I looked up and saw the same boy. Same boy as what? Twenty points off for bad description.

"This is Daniel and Jazmine Fenton." *shakes fist* WRONG! He said laying a hand on their shoulders. "Jazz. Would you mind showing Johnny around?" He asked the ginger. She shook her head smiling. "No. Why would I ever do that?" "And Daniel."

"I know." The boy muttered. "I got it." He smiled at me. Well, it's not a girl. That means it's not a sue that will hook up with me! Right? Lancer smiled slightly, as though, despite the boys attitude, he had a strong affection for him. CREEPER!

Johnny and I followed, Daniel and Jazmine *shakes fist* And didn't she say no? out into the hall as Lancer talked to our parents. Johnny and Jazz instantly walked off, Jazz pointing out everything important. I sighed and looked over at Daniel. What does this even mean? They're both Daniel! God Wheatley it feels weird calling him that…

"So." He said shoving his hands into his pockets. "What do you wanna know?" I looked at the floor and hugged my books to my chest. Why did I suddenly feel so shy? I shrugged. "Ok. Well. We should get to class." That was pointless. He muttered grabbing my arm and leading me down the hall. Why'd you grab his arm? Can he not walk? "We have Lancer right now. He'll be in a few minutes." So he's in a few minutes and right now? TIME TRAVELER!!! I nodded slightly as he pulled me into the class and led me to the back. Forceful, much? He released my arm and sat beside a goth girl and a techno geek Because you can tell that by glancing at him. I looked at them nervously.

"Hey Danny." The girl smiled. "Who's the kid?" Does he look younger, or something? I can't tell, because this story has NO DESCRIPTION!

"That kid we saw in the hall. Lancer wants me to show him around." He looked at me and then at the desk in front of the girl. I sat down quickly as the geek looked at me suspiciously.

"I'm Tucker." He said after a minute. "The goth is Samantha." She glared at him. I would glare too. Why just "The Goth"?

"Call me Sam. Please." she smiled. I smiled slightly. They seemed nice enough.

"Uhh… I'm Daniel…" I said quietly. They all nodded.

"We heard." Tucker said. I nodded. Duh. They saw you in the hall dumbass. When you were staring at Danny like a lovestruck fangirl… So, does that mean the Stu is uke? That's suprising, to be honest.

"Dan?" I blinked and saw them staring at me.

"Sorry." I muttered blushing. "I tend to zone out a lot." See, I'm an idiot, so I can't pay attention for long. They all nodded with stupid expressions on their faces.

"Hey Fentina. Looks like you attract nerds now." We all looked up to see a tall, buff, blonde guy in a letterman jacket.

"Go away Dash." Danny muttered. "It's his first day."

"And?" Dash said looking at me. "What are you looking at?" He snapped. I looked away quickly, only to hear him laugh and walk away. I sighed. Why am I such a wimp? Because you the author said you were.

"Be careful around him." Danny warned. "Dash is just a big bully." O RLY? I nodded and turned to face the board as Lancer walked in.

I walked into the cafeteria behind Danny, Sam and Tucker. We grabbed our food and sat at their table. Just as we were about to eat, someone screamed. We all turned to see Paulina, the most popular girl, being cornered by a huge green monster. Bite her head off! *ahem*

"Ghost!" Someone screamed. Everyone started running out of the room screaming loudly. I sat there, stunned. It was a real ghost. A fucking GHOST! Not just a ghost. A FUCKING GHOST!

"Dan!" I turned to see Sam standing next to me. "We have to go!" I looked around and noticed that Danny and Tucker were gone.

"Where's Danny? And Tucker?" I asked. Maybe you could use common sense and suspect they ran off like the others. That works too, ya know. She looked at me for a minute, as if contemplating something.

"They already left." She said grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the door. Why must everyone drag this guy!?  I turned back just in time to see another ghost fly into the room. I pulled my hand free and stared in awe as I recognized the silver-white hair.

"It's him…" I whispered. Why yes, yes it is. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Sam smiled slightly. "He's real…" I don't remember this guy ever questioning his existance. Nice continuity fail, there. I watched in complete awe as the ghost boy fought the ghost and sucked it into a thermos-like contraption. Paulina ran over and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you for saving me Inviso Bill!" she squealed happily. I felt heat rush to my cheeks. Was I jealous of Paulina? For hugging someone I don't even know? I wonder why you feel that way? *sighs* The ghost boy pushed her away and flew off. I stared at the spot on the ceiling where he had disappeared. It was very interesting.

"Sam? Dan?" I turned to see Danny and Tucker standing there. Where did Tucker go? "What are you guys still doing here?"

"Mister here was distracted." My name is Mister Here!!!! she smiled pointing at me. I blushed slightly. You make a habit of that, don't you?

"I-I've never s-seen a ghost before." I stuttered. They nodded. You've never seen a ghost? Ha! And you called the Fentons bad ghst hunters!

"Alright." Danny said. "Well. They decided to give us the rest of the day off. Wanna go do something?" I nodded and followed them to our lockers. "Yeah. How about some hot sex?"

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teenagephangirl on April 8th, 2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
Mister Here? Now THAT'S an OC I'd like to read more about.

...actually, no, not really. xD
alaunirosealaunirose on April 15th, 2012 09:06 pm (UTC)
"So." I asked. "When do we leave?" They all smiled and hugged me again. Sounds... creepily happy. Ugh, get it away!

I have found this amusing.

Anyway! The whole entire Lancer has deep affections for Danny thing was creepy. Actually, the whole entire fic was weird. I have nothing against gays, and I even read some Pitch Pearl sometimes, but if something like that isn't done right it's just. . .weird. Yeah.
And, dear God Wheatley, you'd think suethors would be able to come up with another reason for their Sue moving to Amity Park. . .but nooo, it's always "OMZG, My parents are ghost hunters too! Squee!!! We can relate to each other's embarrasment!!!!!1"
Could someone please tell me what OMZG stands for? Because I sadly don't know. . .
And about the cussing. Swearing can be a useful tool for bringing realism to a story, contrary to what some people around me think, but when an author is just using it when their story has no other substance, it's pointless and obnoxious. Especially when the character appears to be swearing for no apparent reason.

"Come help me get this shit down to the lab."

Seriously? Was there a reason for that? Was the brother angry? Distraught? Nope.


*end rant*
Sorry about that. XD
HermyStarphantomsues on April 19th, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
It's okay! Rant all you want. That's pretty much the point of this place. :)
bryanthechosen1bryanthechosen1 on April 20th, 2012 03:54 am (UTC)
Cardboard Homosexual needs to grow a couple of dimensions.
First things first, favorite line:

Not just a ghost. A FUCKING GHOST!

*spittake* Hahahaha! Oh my Wheatley! Okay, I'm done.

Wow, that was... huh... even the guys want him! Even the Fenton Thermos wants him! I wouldn't be surprised if he was shipped with a PENCIL SHARPENER... oh Wheatley, that's going to be a thing, won't it?