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11 June 2012 @ 01:52 pm
We Be Ninjas  
Our grandmother just admitted we are ninjas! But that's beside the point. I have a fic that I really have been itching to spork. I've commented with constructive criticism. I was greeted with insults. So, I must spork with much hatred. Santa may or may not join. :) Is hijacking once more~

Story Title: Blind Ghost
Culprit Author's Name: Vladdywolfire

Sorry, no Sue yet.

A sample of the worst most horrifying most absolutely atrocious this fic has to offer:

Wednesday at Casper High everyone in class when an announcement came on the intercom system. "All students and teachers please go to the gymnasium, for a special program" It's special. everyone hear. Everybody left their classrooms, and headed to the gym. "I wonder what's this program is about?" "I wonder what is this program is about" ? Danny Fenton asked, his two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. Why must everyone introduce these two? We know who they are >< "Whatever it is it got us out of, Lancer's, English class", I share, a hatred for, incorrect, commas, said Tucker to them. "I hope it's not another stupid school rally", said Sam, to them.

They came to the gym they notice Danny's, patents What did he patent? His parents? But... and Vlad Masters, standing near the gym doors. Danny wonder what their  they're doing here, he, Sam, and Tucker, came over to them Comma rage! "mom, dad, Vlad, what are you doing here", asked Danny. "Hello, Daniel, Principal Ishiyama, invited me to this program today, and me being Mayor of Amity Park she thought that I would like to see it". Incorrecttttttt "I asked Jack and Maddie, if they would like to join me to this program, they said that they would joined me", he said to Danny. Danny narrowed his eyes at Vlad, they went in the gym, and saw that both bottoms of the bleachers have orange cones tape to the surface with ropes around them.
At this point, Santa was stricken by her fellow ninja and the following commenced:
"Hermy," said Santa.
"Yeeesss?," replied Hermy.
"You poked out my eye, and it is now rolling on the floor, waiting to be eaten by the cat," explained Santa.
"Deal with it."
END (And they all died.)

Two big speakers up against the right, and left walls everyone is sitting down Danny, Sam, and Tucker, sat far away from Vlad, Jack, and Maddie. Principal Ishiyama can in the middle of the floor, with a microphone in her left hand. She canned? "Can I have everyone's attention you have notice, the bottom of the bleachers that's so the performers don't get hurt". "I want everyone to give respect, to them as they would to you", she said to everyone. She left the floor and sat down on the right bleachers, all the kids came out on rollerskates their dress in different costumes. Why the roller skates? What kinds of costumes? Lingerie?

One as Vlad Masters, one as Jack Fenton, one as Danny Phantom, I want to see that.. two as cheerleaders, two as jocks, three as rock stars. One of the cheerleaders and one of the jocks came in the middle of the floor, all the other kids spreaded out on the floor the music started playing and they started dancing.

(Car stops)

Hiya Barbie

Hi Ken

Do you wanna go for a ride?

Sure Ken

Jump in…

I'm a Barbie girl

In a Barbie world

Life in plastic

It's fantastic.

You can brush my hair

And dress me everywhere.

Imagination, that is your creation.

Come on Barbie, let's go party!

...They continued to insert the rest of the song. And many, many, others.
Nothing is as special as this

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(Anonymous) on June 12th, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
...Dafuq did I just read.
HermyStarphantomsues on August 8th, 2012 05:16 pm (UTC)
Re: JuneLuxray
I don't think we even want to know.